heavy civil construction

Heavy Civil Construction

Operating in a coastal location has taught Big River Construction how to adapt to all types of project needs. We have the knowledge and requirements to work with State & Federal Municipalities and have successfully completed projects ranging from a 15 million dollar Waste Water Treatment Plant to sidewalk repairs.


United States Coast Guard Housing

New Construction for 12 housing units for the USCG.  The site was challenging with steep slopes and deep cuts to allow for the new units to be placed into the existing hillside requiring about 45,000 cyds of export.  The project had approx.. 1200 lf of new road with A/C paving Curbs and sidewalks, along with all utilities, and storm water facilities for the new units, and stubouts for Phase 2.

SE Ensign Pump Station

This project consists of rebuilding the SE Ensign Wastewater Pump Station and site, which is a duplex sanitary sewer pump station, including demolition of the existing station and equipment, constructing a new duplex submersible pump system, control building, new manholes, a new wet well, pumps, piping and valve vault, replacing electrical, mechanical, controls, installation of a gas fired, auxiliary pumping unit, fencing, asphalt paving, maintaining bypass pumping during construction and performing final site trim-up. This work also includes the construction of a new core conveyance force main in three (3) segments. The first segment is from the SE Ensign Pump Station to the east side of the Skipanon River, the second segment is the actual Skipanon River crossing by HDD, and the third segment is from the west side of the crossing to the existing wastewater treatment plant connection.

Smith Point CSO

This project consisted of installing 600 feet of 8 foot diameter pre-cast concrete pipe and 1,000 feet of sewer piping in sizes from 1 inch to 24 inch, 9 new manholes, a control structure and overflow structure.

Shoreline Sanitary Sewer

This project included the following: Installing over 21,100 lf of 4" diameter DR 18 Fusible PVC pipe by means of trenching and horizontal directional boring, Installation of new Deerfield LN Pump Station, Upgrades to the existing Cullaby Lake Pump Station, Decommissioning of the existing Cullaby Lake Waste Water Facility, and installing approx 900 lf of cured in place pipe.